A long run through Italia, Switzerland and France

नमस्ते! CCC is a long run of 101km and 6100 D+ from Courmayeur in Italia to Chamonix in France crossing Champex in Switzerland. We were 2129 people at the start line this morning at 9 am in Courmayeur.

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I did a start a little fast for me, I’ve passed the first difficulty Tête de la Tronche at position 4th. But the rhythm was fine for me and I continue like this, crossing the grand col ferret in company of Laia Canes. The way was quite “flat” until the middle of the race at Champex lac. It is a good place to take time and take energy for the rest of the race. We were 4 ladies in the same time at this place, a little of confusion and I restart in position 4th followed by 2 others ladies.

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It was still sunny and I’ve kept my motivation to make the difference. Moutains and way are very nice, much more last time I came under the rain but legs start to be hard. I arrive in Trient where I meet Annie and Dawa. I eat soup, put my head light on my head and restart.

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The night is coming just before Valorcine (82km), the last checkpoint. Now it is difficult to run, difficult to eat. I am still in 4th position. It restart completely in the dark at the direction of la tête aux vents, the last difficulty of the race. The full moon is there to show the way, and we can see the mont Blanc even the night, it is wonderful. I give all my energy for this climb but after passed the pass, it is very difficult to keep running. I loose time, 2 ladies cross me in the last downhill. I keep moving, slowly and hopefully Chamonix is just here! I cross the finish line in 15 hours 17 minutes, friends are here for me, it is midnight already, I am tired but happy!

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